For professional services organizations, complexity is your daily business

From unravelling knotty legal issues to getting to the nub of a process problem, integrating incompatible IT to negotiating the finest details of an acquisition, clients turn to you to solve the most difficult issues.

But just because you deal in complexity, it doesn’t mean your operations need to be complex. In fact, the simpler and more streamlined your own processes and projects, the more profitable and effective you will be.

KeyedIn can be your ally in achieving this simplicity − giving you the tools you need to manage projects and programs more knowledgeably, more efficiently and more profitably.

See what this means in practice for:

PSO Insights

  • Are you managing project performance for profit?

    So far, so good. Your plans are approved and offer clear margins; all you have to do now is deliver the full scope of work, on time and on budget.Of course, it’s never that simple. In fact, just 77% of professional services projects are delivered on time. And as deadlines slip, so invariably

  • How effectively are you planning for profit?

    Planning. Of course you do it. What professional services company doesn’t? Confirm the scope, schedule tasks, identify required resources: it’s all part of the process. But there, precisely, is the problem. Far too often, project planning in professional services is nothing more than a